A downloadable game for Windows

For the MEGA Newbies v Vets Game Jam "I want that one!", honored with Best and Show and best use of laser cats! I was lead programmer, one of the designers, designer of the shmup pup game, and integrated everyone's minigames into the main game.

You play as a lil puppy trying to get adopted by the girl. She's looking for specific qualities in her pupper, so you'll have to play some minigames to boost your stats and make yourself the most desirable pup!

There's 3 rounds of this game...please don't ask about continuity...there's a perfectly good explanation somewhere...

New in V1.1:

New minigame BrickBreaker, Various balance changes, it's possible to loose this game now.


Game Jam Version 29 MB
V1.1 30 MB